Lexmark Error Codes


Error code
Error code meaning
Error 20
Sensor on input tray not activated – could be a jam near the sensor.
Error 21
Sensor on output tray not triggered.
Error 23
Paper jam near the duplex sensor.
Error 24
Job not formatted correctly for the paper being used.
Error 25
Sensor on input tray triggered at the wrong time.
Error 26
Tray of duplexer not being recognized.
Error 27
Loaded paper or envelopes are the wrong size.
Error 28
Input rollers not picking up paper, not triggering sensor.
Error 29
Sensor on output tray has stopped.
Error 30
Toner cartridge not installed or cover is open.
Error 31
Cartridge detected and ID read, but it did not pass verification.
Error 32
Incorrect cartridge installed.
Error 37
Memory full, cannot collate the task.
Error 38
Memory used to store pages sent to printer is full.
Error 39
Job too complex for memory.
Error 43
Font card not supported.
Error 44
Defective font card.
Error 47
Font card removed during task, data required to finish printing.
Error 52
Flash memory is full.
Error 53
Defective or unformatted flash memory.
Error 54
Serial error.
Error 58
Duplex unit is not attached.
Error 59
Duplex unit cover is opened.
Error 62
Not enough disk space for requested data to be transferred.
Error 63
Defective or unformatted disk.
Error 70-79
Network card issues – specific codes should be in the manual.
Error 80
Cycle (200k-300k prints) complete, maintenance kit needed.
Error 82
Replace OPC belt (photo developer).
Error 84
Replace the transfer drum.
Error 88
Toner is low.
Error 122
Fuser issue – run fuser service check.
Error 230
Paper jam in duplex unit.
Error 240-249
Paper jam in tray 1-5.
Error 250
Paper jam in multipurpose tray.
Error 901
Flash memory (with system code program) is defective.
Error 917
Transfer roller issue.
Error 920
Fuser temperature is too low to fuse toner.
Error 921
Fuser temperature is below standby temperature when printer is idle.
Error 923
Fuser is too hot.
Error 924
Fuser error.
Error 925
Incorrect fuser lamp installed.
Error 927
Primary fan not working.
Error 929
Toner sensor not working properly or cartridge defective.
Error 930
Incorrect printhead installed.
Error 931
Printhead connection issues.
Error 934
Mirror motor circuit in printhead not working properly.
Error 935
Printhead error (sub-codes indicated by 935.XX).
Error 936
Main drive motor not working properly.
Error 939
Communication with controller engine lost.
Error 940-943
Toner metering cycle not working properly (940-cyan, 941-magenta, 942-yellow, 943-black).
Error 947
Engine board failed.
Error 975-979
Network card failed.
Error 980
Communication failure between printer and external device.
Error 983
Invalid command to connected device.
Error 980-984
Service one of following- system board, duplex, trays, feeder, output bin.